The NVSL crew, circa 2014
Ameen built our Onyx phase change memory module
Todor, Ameen, and Adrian hanging out in the NVSL
Steve is the storage lead for C-Far, a $28M center developing next-generation computer architectures
Trevor and Michael built our 2nd flash characterization platform, "Ming the Merciless II"
Steve opening some champagne to thank the students for their help in getting tenure
Michael, Laura, and Adrian at the Flash Memory Summit, 2010
Dr. Paul Siegel introducing a keynote speaker at NVMW 2012
Onyx was the first publically-demonstrated PCM SSD
Joel, Adrian, Laura, and Jack enjoy a night on the town in New York following Laura's talk at Micro 2009
A piece of NVSL history: Our first flash testing rig (note the fine hand soldering :-)
Our prototype storage system is named after Moneta, the goddess of memory.
NVSL research touches on many aspects of system design and performance
Every year the NVSL co-hosts the NVMW with the Center for Magnetic Recording Research
Adrian and Laura in London after Adrian presented our work on bypassing the OS for Moneta
Our trip to see "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" in 2012
Alex, Hung Wei, Michael, Trevor, Ameen, Adrian, and Laura at our end-of-the-year Korean BBQ outing
Michael and Laura talking about SSD sanitization at FAST 2011
We grabbed some BBQ in New Orleans during Supercomputing 2010
The founding members of the NVSL, circa 2009
The NVSL crew, circa 2012
The NVSL crew, circa 2013