Gadgetron: Synthesizing Electronic Gadgets

We are building a set of tools called Gadgetron that will enable people without much experience with electronic to build and program simple electronic devices.

Gadgetron users will be able to focus on gadget's essence: what it looks like, how the user will interact with, and what it does. Then, the Gadgetron will implement the electronics and manufacture the gadget automatically.

Gadget Factory Logo

The first tool is called Gadgetron Robot Factory. It allows users to build simple wheeled robots using a drag-and-drop web-based interface.

We are looking for students across many areas to help make the Gadgetron a reality:

  • Computer aided design
  • 3D printing
  • Embedded systems
  • Software engineering
  • Programming languages

If you want help build the Gadgetron, contact

(1) What does synthesizing gadgets have to do non-volatile memories? Not much. We just like building cool systems.


  • Devon Merrill
  • Jorge Garza
  • Paula Quach
  • Michael Gonzalez
  • Isaiah Aponte
  • Aly Reiss
  • Erick Soto
  • Jingxuan Wei


  • Priyanka Kulshreshtha
  • Hannah Chu
  • Jennifer Tran
  • Wei-Ping Liao
  • Apurva Bhosle
  • Bonnie Qin
  • Ozzy Thebe
  • Chunyan Wang
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Alexander Caughron
  • Jesse Porter
  • Sean Burke
  • Yunpeng Duan