Characterizing New Non-Volatile Memories and SSDs

The Non-volatile Systems Laboratory is collecting data on a wide range of flash memory devices to provide context and grounding for academic and industrial research into new applications for flash and other non-volatile memory technologies The results of our initial study (acquired with our custom-built flash characterization system pictured at right) are available below.

Our detailed data includes operation latency, power and energy consumption, bandwidth, disturbs, wear-induced error rates, and other performance and failure mode characteristics.

We are actively seeking industrial partners for this project who can assist us in identifying flash parameters critical to particular applications and in acquiring small quantities of cutting-edge flash devices.

For more information, please contact Dr. Steven Swanson ( or Laura Grupp (


Program Speed
Error Rate
Program speed for pages in an MLC block show dramatic and predictable variations in latency. Wear-induced error rates vary widely between devices The NVSL and CMRR are working to design new tyes of ECC to ensure reliability.