Join Us!

The NVSL has two goals: To produce world-class researchers and to be a world leader in understanding how memory technologies will impact future computing systems. We are always looking for new students, post-docs, visiting researchers, and staff to help realize these goals.

Building Systems

We like building systems that involve hardware, software, and the boundary between them. Our group built the worlds fastest file system for Intel's 3DXpoint memory, re-architected the Linux IO stack, constructed the first publically demonstrated phase change memory solid-state disk, and identified weaknesses in SSD security.

We publish our work in top conferences, and it is frequently covered in the popular press:

Building Researchers

The NVSL trains students to frame world-changing research qustions, devise solutions, and build real systems that solve important problems. You will also learn how to convey those solutions to your peers, other researchers, and the wider world. Our work cannot have impact if no one knows about it.

Your Career after the NVSL

The most important goal of the NVSL is to produce great students so they can get the jobs they can have the career they want. Our alumni have gone on to jobs at leading companies, startups, and places in between. One even became a monk.

And of Course, Having Fun!